10 Photos of Ta Prohm - a Fight Between Nature and Architecture in the Cambodian Jungle

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Cambodia, strange  country in Southeast Asia, dates back to 612 AD. Its most famous monument is the temple complex of Angkor . Ta Prohm temple Located approximately one kilometre east of Angkor in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia, it was built  in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.
Ta Prohm was built during the reign of  the  great king Jayavarman VII, who reconquered the Khmer empire from Cham invaders in the years 1177-1181. 

Ta Prohm housed the  goddess Prajnaparamita, the 'perfection of wisdom.' It was consecrated in 1186. the same as many Khmer kings, Jayavarman had it carved in the likeness of his mother. The Prajnaparamita statue was surrounded by 260  lower gods,housed in their own sanctuaries.

Great trees  above Ta Prohm,and  Delicately carved reliefs on the walls sprout lichen, moss and creeping plants.Some as wide as an oak tree, the vines at Ta Prohm cleave big stones in two and spill over the top of temple ramparts. 

Untill the end of the XIXth century, more than 100  temples and palaces  were  hidden under the shadow of lush tropical forest, when a French naturalist Henri Mouhot rediscovered it for humanity. In year 1992 the whole area of Angkor was taken under the protection of UNESCO.

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