Amadiya, Iraqi Kurdistan - The Old City That Located on a Mountain Top, 4,600 Feet Above Sea Level, Above A Beautiful Landscape. ( 5 Pics + Info )

via - U.S. Army photo by SGT Daniel Nelson
  • Amadiya  is small town  in the Dahuk Governorate of Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraqi Kurdistan is a region of northern Iraq, near to the Turkish border. it is an ancient city, and dates back  to the year 3000 BC, the Assyrian era .  

  • It is Located on a mountain top, 4,600 feet above sea level, above a beautiful landscape, it is 1000 meters long by 550 meters wide and It sits an amazingly near 10 miles from the Turkish border. 
  • The history of Amadiya goes back  to ancient Assyria, and was an Assyrian city known as Amedi from the 25th century BC until the end of the 7th century BC.over the millenia, it has been home to countless, priests, rulers .  
  •  For centuries, Amedi has been home to Muslims and  Christians, who have lived peacefully. Before Israel was created, Amedi was also home to  Jewish .

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