Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) ,Japan

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  • Gunkanjima island, a part of Japan, it is a small and an abandoned island located about 20 kilometers from Nagasaki Port. 
  • The island is famed for its unbelievable appearance: surrounded by a sea wall, it is an entire abandoned city with huge concrete buildings. The island’s original name is Hashima but it’s better known as Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) because it looks like a military warship. 
  • Gunkanjima Island became occupied in 1887, when an underwater coal mine was built and began operating there. because of its distance from shore, the island became a permanent home for the mine's workers and their families. This island became a self-contained town, with homes, stores, and streets. Much of the architecture above ground was dedicated to large concrete apartment buildings to house the island's inhabitants.
  • In 1959, this small island had the highest population density in the world : 5,259 residents (7,301 people/km2)! But as petroleum began to replace coal the miners and other residents began to leave the island, which finally closed down in 1974. and since 2009 it has been open for public tours. In 2015, Nagasaki announced that the main buildings of Gunkanjima are to be maintained, with a view to being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The island is dilapidated from years of disuse, but open to tourists who want a spooky tour.

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