Friendship Quotes : Part 72

People leave imprints on our lives, shaping who we become in much the same way that a symbol is pressed into the page of a book to tell you who it comes from. Dogs, however, leave paw prints on our lives and our souls, which are as unique as fingerprints in every way.   Ashly Lorenzana
If we discovered that we had only five minutes left to say all that we wanted to say, every telephone booth would be occupied by people calling other people to stammer that they loved them.    Christopher Morley
The only true currency in this bankrupt world are the moments you share with someone when you're uncool.   Cameron Crowe
My shadow serves as the friend I crave.   Anna Akhmatova
I won’t let you have it. I won’t give you this moment. I won’t let you fill up this valuable organ...I own it. I won’t do it. I can’t think, I won’t think about it.   Coco J. Ginger
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